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Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:California, United States of America
Stylesheet by [info]refuted
Name: Katy
Alias: Kat/Katters/Revy
Age: 20's
Sex: Female
About the Person
Work In Progress
As always, this journal is friends only, but Katy is pretty good about adding people. All you have to do is ask.
Roleplays: Past and Present



Kallen Stadtfeld aka Karen Kouzuki: [info]nishiki_knight

Kobayakawa Sena: [info]4point2seconds

Naoto Fuyumine: [info]swordnscar


Revy: [info]twohands_revy

Kallen Stadtfeld aka Karen Kouzuki: [info]blackknight_11

Kunogi Himawari: [info]genkisunflower

Bishop: [info]bishoptakesrook

(Formerly) Franziska von Karma: [info]fools_eat_whip

Former (In no particular order):

Deathonly - Ise Nanao, Ishida Ryuuken

Polychromatic - Atobe Keigo, Revy

Fruits Medley - Sohma Shigure

SortingHat - Keigo Atobe, Tamaki Suoh, Himawari Kunogi, Franziska von Karma, Kallen Stadtfeld, Seto Kaiba, Nanao Ise

Island RP - Ichihara Yuuko, Himawari Kunogi, Katsuragi Mimiko

Liaisons RP - Yuuko Ichihara

Nyx RP - Ichihara Yuuko, Franziska von Karma
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